Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Suds

Today was a long day of watching football and brewing. We started off with the just-released Alpine O'Brien's IPA which I think is my favorite lower strength IPA they make (between Duet, Nelson, and O'Brien's). My friend Brian brought this up from San Diego. It's got a really nice citrus and earthy hop kick to it with a tasty malt profile as well. Normally I don't like any sort of sweetness to get in the way the of the hops in an IPA but they work this well and it's a very drinkable beer.

Brian also brought a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA so we made quick work of that. What an amazing IPA that is. Rock solid all around. I know this blog is like a broken record. Lastly we tried to give some Pliny Power to the Baltimore Ravens as they found themselves in a quick 13-0 hole but they could never work their way out of it. Pliny can only do so much you know.

With the day off tomorrow for Martin Luther King's Birthday I'm throwing around the idea of heading over to Hollingshead's Deli for lunch. Then again, just lying around the house sounds really good too.


Craig said...

Sweet-I think I am going to be at Hollingshead tomarrow as well. Your blog is sweet-I love Russian River Beers(the sours-not so much)-If I see you there-A pint is on me-Late.

JessetheHutt said...

Nice haul. Three brilliant beers in one session. I didn't even know they had O'Brien's on tap right now at Alpine. Guess I know where I'm going Tuesday.

Kevin said...

That pic of the Sculpin and Pliny is not fair.

Steve said...

Brian is the man because his quick thinking was able to snatch up the last bottle of Sculpin they had for sale at their brewery when he was there the other day.

I'm getting tired of Pliny though. It was a nice break from Blind Pig but I'm ready to go back to my Blind Pig master.