Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost Abbey Red Poppy Release This Saturday

This Saturday at 10am the doors will open to Port Brewing/Lost Abbey for sell of Red Poppy, a Flanders-style red ale. Drag all yourselves out of bed after having one too many Pliny the Younger or TION's and grab up the sought after Red Poppy. Once again it got rave reviews after the Lost Abbey barrel tasting this fall (granted it will have changed some).


Rational Realist said...

Do you have any info about whether Red Poppy will be distributed, or will the Saturday morning release be it?

El Serracho! said...

any word on Pliny the Younger in OC or LA counties??

Steve said...

Realist- I'm not sure about distribution on this one. I've been out of the loop lately on special releases. There might be mention of this issue in Tomme's blog.

Serracho- Younger will show up down here in LA/OC I'm sure sometime in the 3rd week of February. Because RR releases Younger at almost the same day each year it's kinda easy to tell how fast it gets to places. Last year it got to Hollingshead on 2/11, and that keg lasted around a week, when they put the next keg on (I think Hollingshead got around 5 kegs last year if I remember Kenny telling me correctly). Lucky Baldwin's gets it every year, but won't put it on tap until their Strong Ale/Barleywine fest which is usually in March I think. Both the Pasadena and Sierra Madre locations will have it and it lasts longer at the Sierra Madre location. The Pizza Port locations get Younger, except for San Clemente I think, so OC is unfortunate there. I'm not sure if any of the better beer bars in LA-area will have Younger. I think it's possible Beachwood gets one or two, they seem to have a real good relationship with RR right now, always having Blind Pig, RR IPA, and Elder. I think that's about all the choices we have here. The great thing is Hollingshead's gets so many kegs it'll be on for a while (I've seen people find it there as late as April).

I'll be starting up a "Pliny the Younger watch" like I did last year.