Friday, January 9, 2009

Loose Saturday San Diego Schedule

We have a full, long day ahead of us but myself and BBG plan to hit some great beer spots in SD. The only thing that looks to be set in stone are a trip to Lost Abbey for at least the first half of the Ravens game (from 1:30 to 3 or so). Maybe a stop in to Churchill's for the other half. Before that we may hit O'Brien's or Green Flash for a pint. We will probably find ourselves in the North Park area after the game, most likely Hamilton's and perhaps other places such as Ritual Tavern, Toronado, or Downtown Johnny Brown's.

Perhaps a trip to Alpine on Sunday around noon on the way home depending on how I feel, and only if they are pouring O'Brien's IPA.


J.Rhode said...

Remember Alpine is closed on Sundays. I will try to find out if they have O'Brien's IPA flowing today. Skip Green Flash and clean up the leftovers of the Green Flash extravaganza that took place at O'Brien's last night.

Steve said...

Yeah we got to O'Brien's before they opened so we headed down to Toronado. Had a couple nice pints down there then headed to Lost Abbey to watch the first half and then Churchill's for the 2nd half. Bout to head down to Hamilton's for a while right now.