Monday, January 26, 2009

Blind Lady Alehouse Opening In San Diego

This Friday, January 30th, a new beer destination opens up in the Normal Heights San Diego area. The Blind Lady Alehouse is located about 1.5 miles northeast of Toronado, making it just another beer destination in the flourishing 30th street/North Park area. Of the four owners, beer nuts may recognize Lee Chase, a former brewer at Stone. He plans to offer house beers down the road, the first of which will be an organic Belgian single. Beers will mainly be on tap, with a very limited number of bottles available. Draught beers plan to be rotated "pretty often."

They currently have a blog going and will be posting all their menus in the next few days.

In addition to the Blind Lady Alehouse opening this Friday, O'Brien's hosts a Russian River "-TION" night which will feature 19 Russian River beers, the main draw of which will probably be Pliny the Younger which goes on draft first at 4pm, an hour before the "-tion" beers. They plan on Younger being kicked within that hour and I don't doubt it. I can't begin to imagine the madness that will be the crowd at O'Brien's that evening. I am guessing a Pliny the Younger waiting line will start to form by the ordering counter by 3pm or so. I'll probably have to wait to get mine at a much less crowded Hollingshead's Deli a couple weeks later.

Still, I plan to maybe put in a half day at rotation on Friday (my preceptor would easily give me the afternoon off) and head down to SD. With these two events going on I think it would be a fun day.


Anonymous said...

We're releasing Red Poppy
at Port Brewing on Saturday at 10 AM as well.

J.Rhode said...

Damn SOB (Summer of Beer) Steve, a personal invitation from Tomme! Anyway, we are trying to come up with a plan for Friday. Let me or JessetheHutt know if you want us to save you a seat at O'Brien's; we are going to get there early for Younger. If you want, I'll try to save you a pint of Younger too. Looking into a reservation at Blind Lady for later that night, but haven't heard back yet.

Steve said...

Tomme, I missed the news about this release. Thanks for the heads up. I'm now looking into hotel rooms so I can be down there the next morning too. lol

J- Jesse filled in me on the plans for Friday. If I leave work around noon I'll probably just go straight to O'Brien's and get there around 2, so I may be able to get a table (I'm gonna probably grab some food there before the Younger gets on at 4). He said you guys were planning on arriving maybe 3'ish? I'll keep you posted as the week goes on.

BeerGuy said...

I hate ALL of you.

BTW ATC, or garlic fries.

Do it. Bacardi and cola. Do it.