Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pacific Wine Merchants - Upland, CA

Pacific Wine Merchants is a wine/cigar/beer store with a small bar and lots of outside seating. It is located in old downtown Upland at the Upland Metrolink stop along the San Bernardino line. When you first walk in you step into the bar which houses about 3-4 tables, about 6-8 seats at the bar, and a TV mounted in the corner usually showing whatever is on ESPN. There is wine everywhere. If you step through the bar area and go into the next room there is a lot of wine, a humidor, and best of all; a couple of fridges filled with beer. Good beer too. They've got a lot of Stone, Russian River, Oskar Blues, Green Flash as well as some imported stuff.

The bar has 2 taps. I've seen Alesmith usually on as well as Skyskraper Brewing. Last night when I went in they had two selections from Dale Bros Brewing- their Pomona Queen California common beer and a Winter Warmer. Their bottle list allows you to purchase most stuff from their fridge. Ruination was about $5 I think, Green Flash West Coast IPA was $4, and Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig were both $7, though they listed the Pliny and Pig bottles as 22oz which is incorrect. Maybe if I tell them the bottles are really 16.9oz they will adjust the price, who knows. I'll definitely be back here often, the outside seating area has a nice view and the whole place has a nice chill vibe.

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