Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Latest Pliny Convert

I got an unexpected message the other day from my friend Lisa who was about to delve into the world of Pliny. That is her to the left of Brian the Baltimore Beer Guy and my sister. Although she's partaken in the world of craft beer before with toasts of Ruination before USC games as well as other times I'm sure where I haven't been present, she is by all accounts still a craft beer neophyte. What a way to get your feet wet than with a Pliny.

Here were some messages she sent me along with a picture after drinking:
"I was sort of shocked one bottle was $4"
"Definitely worth the $4.09"
"I'm getting a nice chill buzz"
"Had to replenish my carbs after the gym"

You better watch out Lisa, this stuff is like crack and your bank account will feel the effects if you don't watch it. haha


Sparky said...

I agree, my bank account might suffer from this discovery...but oh so good!

Agi said...

We at Booze Pics are big fans of the Pliny. I've only had it on tap once, and that was at Pizza Port in San Clemente. Oh so delicious...

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

"Leave your comment. Tell me what's on your mind"

Um, those two girls, being friends, heh. Bad, bad, bad.

Sparky said...

Headed back to Red Carpet tomorrow for some more Pliny and Blind Pig - damn you for getting me hooked!

Steve said...

Awesome, be sure to let me know what you think of the Pig!!! You'll be all ready by summer to hit the IPA fest with us.