Friday, January 2, 2009

Places To Watch The Chargers Game In San Diego

If I get enough done in the morning tomorrow I'm thinking of making an excuse to head down to San Diego to drink good beer and take in what should be an exciting game. I'm leaning towards O'Brien's, though space is very limited down there, but they do have a terrific amount of great IPA's on tap right now; Sculpin, Green Flash West Coast, Racer 5, Port Solana Swami's IPA, Pliny, Pig, RR IPA, Alpine Pure Hoppiness and Bad Boy. Pizza Port is a possibility although I'm sure that place will be slammed. Churchill's would have to be another great option as they have a lot more space in that place than O'Brien's. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

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J.Rhode said...

That tap list is pretty tempting at O'Brien's. Get there early. Bring the laptop (free wireless), post up some impressions as you drink. Hamilton's would be a good choice too, just as crowded though, and a better tap list at O'Brien's right now. Sculpin/Chargers, a winning combination?

Having the parents over, so no debauchery for me.