Friday, January 30, 2009

Russian River "TION" Night

I'm putting in a quick 4 hours at rotation this morning and heading down to O'Brien's for their Russian River "TION" night.

At 4pm the following Russian River beers get put on tap:
  1. Pliny the Younger
  2. Pliny the Elder (always on tap there anyway)
  3. Blind Pig (always on tap there anyway)
  4. RR IPA (always on tap there anyway)
  5. Aud Blonde
  6. Dead Leaf Green
  7. Porter
  8. Happy Hops
Then at 5pm these beers get put on (most certainly the Younger will be gone)
  1. Redemption
  2. Perdition
  3. Salvation
  4. Damnation
  5. Damnation Batch 23
  6. Rejection
  7. Temptation
  8. Supplication
  9. Sanctification
  10. Beatification
  11. Consecration
I definitely won't need to try all the TION beers as I've had most of them before on multiple occasions but I will be looking really forward to trying Consecration, Damnation Batch 23, and Rejection. After I get my Pliny the Younger (hopefully), I'll be interested to try their Porter as well, and maybe even Happy Hops if the Younger is wiped off my palate by then.


BeerGuy said...

You know you're spoiled when you can run down that list and feel at least part of it is mundane.

Beer Retard said...

Wow are one lucky bastard. Getting to try all those in one place. I have to chip away and try them one at a time when I get the chance. On the downside, there's only so much beer you can drink in one sitting. Maybe I'll move to Santa Rosa one day. Do you think you'd get sick of RR stuff if it was your local? Nah...

Drunkenpolack said...

Have fun there man. Sounds amazing. I'm coming to Cali in June. I hope I can taste a few of those.

J.Rhode said...

Consecration, Younger were insanely good, the place was insanely crowded (hour an half wait in line to get a beer?!?!), and my head hurts insanely bad.

Steve said...

J- Yeah Younger and Consecration were awesome. I'll have a full roundup of the day a little bit later. Thanks for letting me tag along down there and Jesse for letting me crash on the couch, had a great time with you guys. That walk and stop into the Hearth House gets funnier and funnier the more I keep thinking about it.