Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of Beer and College Football Season For Me - The Rose Bowl

Today was, at least for me, the last meaningful day of the college football season. Sure there are a few games left and I'll definitely watch them, I just don't care about them anymore. Today my USC Trojans dominated Penn State for a good 3 quarters before sputtering and holding on for a 38-24 win. With the power of great craft beer filling our bellies, we were able to root our Trojans to victory.

I wasn't planning on going to this game, because we basically go to the Rose Bowl every year now and tickets are expensive ($185 face), but my friend Loren gave me a ticket for Christmas (which he said will be the last time he gives me a ticket since I most likely won't be entirely broke after I graduate). Loren, his girlfriend Veronica, myself, and our friend Steve Timmins, along with my sister and her boyfriend who scored free tickets the night before the game threw together a nice little tailgate. Timmins brought his 2 Russian River growlers he had left from his trip up north last weekend- Blind Pig and Perdition. I brought my last growler of Alpine Nelson, and as usual, a bomber of Stone Ruination IPA for toasting purposes before the game. That Perdition might be the best breakfast beer ever. This was the second time I've had that in the early morning out in the open air and it's perfect for that occasion.

It'll be a long off-season having to wait for the excitement when our Trojans take the field again and we hit the tailgates hard for another year with great craft beer.

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Sparky said...

I'm already looking forward to next season and more good brews.