Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brewer's Art Resurrection

This popular Baltimore-area brew is finally being bottled by Brewer's Art, and my buddy Brian sent over a bottle. I've waited about a week and this might be the perfect night to try it. Anyway, you can see the pour. First of all the label is awesome. They are obviously called Brewer's ART for a reason. Their label for Ozzy, which I had a while back, was slick too.

Resurrection pours lighter than I had pictured in my mind. It's more of an orangish, looking maybe brown-orange in the glass where it is dense. They figured out how to make a long lasting head because that baby sat there for a while, which I've never seen before in any of the chalices I have at home that are shaped like my Brewer's Art one. The smell was sweet and raisiny. It tastes somewhat the same, but the sweetness is cut pretty well by a chocolate malt, lightly roasty note. There's some Belgian yeast phenols way in the back there too. Just really really good as far as taste goes. I've noticed a lot of beers that try to be sweet are way too sweet. This one is sweet enough but keeps it interesting. Top notch beer.

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