Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alpine Nelson Golden Rye IPA

The morning has been pretty entertaining so far. A good game between Wake Forest and Navy, in which WF won 29-19 making me 1-0 on predictions so far. Currently, the Colorado State team I picked is down 21-20 at the half to Fresneck State. [EDIT: CSU won 40-35!!]

Even better than the games is the growler of Alpine Nelson I've been working on with my Dad. This is a beautiful beer in all aspects. I love the color, probably the lightest IPA you can find. The smell is VERY similar to Amarillo hops- grapefruity and cat pissy (you have to imagine folks)- but oh so good. 7% ABV gives the body a little more beef as well. The thing that sets this apart from a lot of other regional west coast IPAs is that it doesn't have a harsh bitter finish (which I often love). Considering Nelson was brewed with somewhere in the ballpark of 20% rye, I was hoping to pick some up, but I just don't consume enough rye to really know what it tastes like.

The Bowl Game Tally so far:
Steve 4-0
Steve's sister 1-3
Baltimore Beer Guy 3-1


J.Rhode said...

Finally got out to Alpine today for Nelson growlers. They were almost out. After a quick Nelson sample it was an easy decision as far as what to fill, nothing but Nelson. An amazing beer, seemed lighter on the rye spectrum this time.

Also got word of a Barleywine that Pat is working on. It is about to go in barrel for the next year though. He is shooting for 20% ABV. Not sure if that is my kind of beer, but I'll probably give it a shot a year from now. Next hoppy beer, O'Brien's in a couple of weeks.

Steve said...

I wish I could taste rye in it. I've picked up rye in a rye whiskey beer (would be kinda embarrassing if I couldn't) but never in a beer, and I've had a handful of Rye beers.

20% ABV barrel aged barleywine. If there is anything that definitely wasn't for me it's probably that. Although, somewhat similar to DFH 120, I hated that the first time I had it but really loved the 2nd bottle I had.

Keep me posted on O'Brien's IPA. When that comes out I am definitely down there.