Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cool, I Won Something

For the 2nd year in a row, A Good Beer Blog hosted their Yule Beer Blog Photo Contest, this year in conjunction with Stonch's Beer Blog. Apparently there were ~550 pictures submitted, with ~40 places for prizes. Donated prizes came from breweries, to online beer shops, to pubs and many others. I submitted a few pictures and the one pictured above ended up winning a Shipyard travel coffee mug, and Shipyard aluminum water bottle.

The picture is of Downtown Brewing's IPA in San Luis Obispo. I should have known the picture would be special, right after I took it the Angels came from behind and torched the Yankees with 8 runs in the inning to win the game. Downtown makes a fine looking IPA. It tastes great too. I got lucky with this picture, with the light shining in and making the beer glow.

They will be announcing the grand prize winners later today so go check out the remaining photos.


Alan said...

You never told me you were an Angels fan! As a Red Sox citizen, I may have to reconsider.


Steve said...

Red Sox should love the Angels. They basically make it a sure thing that the Sox will get to the ALCS every year! haha