Friday, December 26, 2008

Beer Weekend - On The Road In Vegas

Heading out to Vegas with my friend Kevin and his buddy Xavier early this Saturday morning to do some beer'ing. I've been to Vegas many times (it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive) but have never really sought out beer stuff other than the Hofbrauhaus cause my friends were never really interested in that. This time we are hitting at least 2 of Vegas' best beer destinations.

We're leaving Saturday morning and when we get there probably around noon we'll go to my friend Kevin's favorite local watering hole, which I've never been to, called the Crown & Anchor Pub. He often goes there to take in Manchester United games and drink cider and blacks. Their beer list isn't great, but there are a couple options to satisfy me I'm sure.

After that we'll head to Big Dog Brewery which my friend Brian raved about when he was there a few weeks ago. What I'm most excited about is that he gave their hoppy beers very good reviews. Hopefully they'll have their pale ale, IPA, and DIPA on tap.

The main attraction is where we are headed for dinner. Not a whole lot of people know about Rosemary's Restaurant, which constantly wins awards for their amazing food, and contains a beer list (pdf) which will make you drool (at least for a gourmet restaurant). Every item on the menu has a wine and beer pairing suggestion. Take their roasted filet of beef which they recommend to pair with Chimay Blue, or their roasted bacon & tomato crusted swordfish which they recommend pairing with Tripel Karmeliet. Kevin knows the chef there so I'm sure we'll be shown a great time.

There probably won't be enough time to squeeze in a Freakin Frog visit, so I'll save that for next time.

[EDIT: Oh yeah, Brian, I think the first thing I'll order are the Panko Crusted Crab Bouletts which they recommend to pair with Orval. mmmmmmmm] :)

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