Friday, December 19, 2008

Join Me For College Football Bowl Games and Beer

One of the best times of the year starts this Saturday- College Football Bowl Week. Being the avid college football fan that I am, I always pick all the bowl games (along with my sister) and watch almost all of them. Sad thing is that she usually finishes with a higher record than me, so it makes for some nice banter over the two weeks.

Because Bowl Week coincides with my winter break it's a nice opportunity to sit in front of the TV, take in some great games and have a beer or few. I invite anyone else to comment on upcoming games... who do you like? What beers are you looking forward to sitting down with while you take in the games? I'll have a post up hopefully during each bowl day to discuss the happenings.

The first four games are being played on Saturday, December 20th. My picks are highlighted in red. Times are all Pacific.

  1. EagleBanke Bowl - Washington DC - Wake Forest vs. Navy (8am)
  2. New Mexico Bowl - Albuqureque - Colorado St vs. Fresno St. (11:30pm)
  3. magicJack St. Petersburg Borwl - Memphis vs. South Florida (1:30pm)
  4. Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl - BYU vs. Arizona (5:00pm)
I probably won't be waking up early enough to catch the start of the Wake Forest/Navy game since I'll be out late with the family at the Magic Castle in Hollywood Friday Night (hopefully having a few Firestone Double Barrels which is the best thing they have on tap). The game that excites me the most, being a Pac-10 guy, is the BYU/Arizona game. I usually always root against other Pac-10 teams but I wouldn't mind seeing Arizona win this one. BYU's strength is passing the ball, and Arizona does a good job of defending the pass.

The only question is, what beers will I, and you, be enjoying while watching the games?


Mike said...

As a former Wildcat and loyal Pac10supporter (with the exception of Stanford), I say thank you for the karma. As I type this I am slowly working through a 12 oz bottle of 120 Minute IPA that I bought while in Texas and brought back to NorCal. You could watch 2 games that each go to 3OT and still not be done with this one. Tomorrow I will have to cleanse my palate with some Pliny and some St. Bernardus XMas Ale.

Steve said...

Greetings UofA Mike. After the first 120 I had I didn't think a whole season of football would be long enough to finish a bottle of 120. I recently had a fresher bottle, and while still very sweet, the hoppiness was good enough to where I coulda finished that bottle in a night.

Pliny and St. B Xmas ale.... I had that same combination while watching the USC/Oregon State game earlier this year. Didn't work out well for me at all. Hope it works out better for you.

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

That picture never gets old.