Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Props to the PB Tap Room in Pacific Beach, CA

I have never even been to this place but here is why they get 3 thumbs up: They easily have the best online tap list I've ever seen. I give props to anyone who has an online tap list, but this gets extra props because it's so awesome:

  • List of every beer that is currently and on and what is on deck for each specific tap when first keg blows. Some online tap lists have an "on deck" section, but you don't know which one is going on next. Here you do.
  • It actually lists what fraction of every keg or cask is left. AMAZING. I haven't seen anyone pull off that feature in an online tap list.
  • It's updated every 5 minutes by Google Docs
The first two features are what make it pretty awesome. This place is a little far away from me, and I don't even usually get that close to it when I make trips to San Diego, but this might force me to stop in the next time. I've also added them in the "Online Tap List" panel on the right.

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