Monday, December 1, 2008

Mission Brewery (San Diego) Launches Their Website

I've been following this for a while now, wondering when Mission Brewing in San Diego, CA would finally get their website up and running. Looks like it's happened. Mission took home two medals in the 2007 Great American Beer Fest. One was a bronze for their IPA which I had the pleasure of trying last Summer. It was beautifully hoppy. I loved it. The other was a Gold in the Munich-Style Helles category. Their Hefeweizen is starting to pop up around San Diego quite a bit and they have an Altbier on deck at Downtown Johnny Brown's. I look forward to seeing more from this upstart brewery and hope we can maybe even get their products in the OC or LA in the near future.

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Beer said...

Mission Brewing has some good lines!
I am pretty sure they will be in the festival lineup this year.

The 2009 Great American Beer Festival will take place September 24-26 at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado.

-Beer Universe