Monday, December 22, 2008

Growler Night Gone Wrong

I invited a couple friends over tonight to share a growler of Alpine Nelson. On Thursday I went to the brewery to fill 3 Nelson growlers and 1 Pure Hoppiness. The Pure Hoppiness was for my friend Kevin, and the 3 Nelson's were for me. So tonight I go open up a growler labeled with "Nelson" and what does it turn out to be? You guessed it, Pure Hoppiness. Now of course one of my favorite beers ever is Pure Hoppiness so it's not like I spit the beer out, but I was expecting Nelson and wanted my friends to try Nelson. This growler was also for a different friend so being that I poured 3 glasses of it right away, we had to drink it. Now I will not be able to give this Pure Hoppiness growler to my friend. The taste was obviously different, but as you can see the color is definitely different, with Pure Hoppiness on the left and Nelson on the right.

I'm pretty understanding of human error, and I really like the people down at Alpine. They've been nothing but nice the handful of times I've been able to get down there. I just hope my other 2 growlers left are still Nelson.

Sorry Kev, good thing I bought you a bottle of Pure Hoppiness too, at least.


Baltimore Beer Guy said...

You are now banished from Alpine. Oh wait that's hophead84.

Steve said...

If anything, they owe me one :-)