Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stella Artrois, With A Glass Please

I happened to be out at a few local hipster places night in downtown Claremont and found myself at a Hookah bar with a macro-lager beer list only. In retrospect I shoulda ordered a bourbon... that would have been good. Anyway, I try my best to not be a beer snob. I can enjoy a Landshark Lager while watching a game, or a Miller 64 over some mexican food with my Dad, but there are just some things I can't drink, and that includes Stella Artois out of a bottle. I hate drinking stuff that tastes bad and a lot of (not all) beers out of a bottle taste bad to me. Anyway, I asked the guy if he could bring me a glass for it and he did, very quickly. I was expecting it to be the same glass they were using for water but they actually had Stella glassware. If you got it why not use it????

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Baltimore Beer Guy said...

Yeh last time I was in Greene Turtle in Fells Point of all places, they had appropriate Stella glassware, I was shocked.