Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Power of Pliny

Pliny the Elder doesn't just pack a ton of flavor, it packs some magic too. A few weeks ago I was watching TCU play an undefeated BYU and we really needed BYU to lose (for the good of college football). I decided to crack a Pliny open and proclaimed that I would give them "Pliny Power" and the game was basically over before it started with TCU blowing them out.

Today, while watching a fairly close Syracuse vs. Notre Dame game, Notre Dame took a 23-10 lead. Figuring that this horrible Syracuse team (2-8 overall) needed a little extra help I decided to open up a Pliny and give them some "Pliny Power." Well, the sequence of events unfolded like this...

Here is the Pliny, opened up as Syracuse had just gone down by 13 points to Notre Dame. If you look real closely you can see all the magical power contained within it.

As I started to enjoy my Pliny, the power became evident pretty quick. Syracuse drove down the field the first time they had the ball after uncapping, and pulled to within 23-17.

After looking like all the power might have run out, Syracuse got back on track and scored a TD with just under a minute left in the 4th quarter to take the lead 24-23.

Notre Dame got the ball and after a couple long incomplete passes they had one last gasp. "The Chosen One" Jimmy Clausen heaved one of his trademark jump balls down the field to Golden-Hands-Tate who as always, miraculously came down with the ball. At this point it was The Power of Pliny vs. Touchdown Jesus. As one might think, Pliny won out as ND missed a long FG with time expiring.
The Power of Pliny is real people.

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