Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another College Football Saturday, and Beer

Been watching all the boring Big 10 games that come on at 9am here, as usual. They are starting to wind down now and I decided to pour my first beer coming from a growler of Pizza Port El Camino IPA that I picked up last week. This is a beautiful IPA, in appearance and taste. It has a real crisp and very piny and grapefruit zest oil bitterness to it. At the same time it's got a faint orange sweetness to it and some grainy, or maybe bready malt like cracker behind it. Just a really nice beer that shows off some great hops and aggressive bitterness.

After a couple pints of El Camino IPA I switched gears and pulled a Stone out of the fridge. I meant to pull an 08.08.08, but instead I grabbed an 07.07.07 and didn't realize it. I thought it looked different as it poured...ha. It's much more carbonated with an orangish color. The smell is quite fruity, and very remarkable. The taste has a good amount of earthiness in it, but the fruit comes across quite a bit still. I can't remember that well how this tasted when it first came out, so I'm not sure how it has changed, if at all. I think the fruit may be dominating more now after 1 year.

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