Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Collaboration Brew For The Holidays

Sudoku, speed dating, reality TV, those huge ass sunglasses chicks wear, and now collaboration beers. Yep, you can add collaboration beers to the recent fads, because they're popping up like crazy now days. Just after Stone released a collaboration tripel along with Alesmith and Mikkeler, they announce a festive holiday beer brewed along with Jolly Pupmkin and Nonge-O. I've never had a Nonge-O beer, so I don't know exactly what angle they'll put on the beer, but you can guess it's gonna be hops from Stone and funk from Jolly Pumpkin. The beer will also supposedly feature Southern California white sage, juniper berries, chestnuts, and caraway seed per beernews.org.

That's a lot of weird ingredients, especially to accompany the large amount of hops Stone promises to use in this beer. I'll probably grab a single bottle or try it on tap in a taster if I get a chance, and then I'll wait for the next collaboration beer to come out.

1 comment:

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

I can't stand those huge ass sunglasses.

But, for fads most of those haven't gone away. Speed dating ads all over the newspaper (I blame DC), people still doing sudoku and yeh reality TV still doing its thing.

The bad thing is when fads don't go away.

That said, I look forward to more collaboration beers!