Wednesday, November 5, 2008

San Diego Plans Derailed

Well that didn't take too long. Right after becoming really stoked about my Friday-off plans to hit new stops in San Diego I get a call and realize I need to be at Downtown Disney in the evening so my little sister's boyfriend can pop the question. Shouldn't I be more excited you ask? Well, not really, they've basically been married for the last few years, all this is doing is making it official.

Since Downtown Disney is only a half hour away from the house it's not too far of a trek, but having to get over there by 7pm on a Friday pretty much makes heading to SD for a few hours during the daytime not worthwhile. This leaves me with basically just my standard options for beer-hunting on a Friday along the Orange County coast- Hollingshead's Deli, The Bruery, Beachwood BBQ. However, since I really wanted to try some new places this week, I may stray away from these, at least at first, and head just a bit more south in Orange County, and head to Pizza Port in San Clemente. Other than that there's really not that much around this area to hit that's great as far as beer goes, that I haven't been to.


El Serracho! said...

hey friend, there's nothing standard about hollinghead's. i'll probably be there friday eve too. i live down the street.

pizza port is also a fave.

Steve said...

Yes, it is a great place... Just mean "standard" to me, since it's one of my normal stops. I was looking forward to getting to a couple new places this weekend like Toronado and Hamilton's. But I'm definitely gonna get to Pizza Port for lunch in San Clemente on Fri.

El Serracho! said...

you ever been to portland? you can taste your little heart out without ever getting into a car. then the next day you can do the same thing in a different neighborhood. best beer city on the planet.

Steve said...

Have not been to Portland but it's high on the list, espcially since they put a Deschutes Brewpub there. I want to do a week sometime splitting it into half NorCal and half Portland.

El Serracho! said...

if you go, announce it on the blog; i can recommend quite a few places starting with Lucky Lab.

quintessential portland right there.