Thursday, November 6, 2008

Racer 5 - Lesson Learned

Bear Republic Racer 5 is one of my favorite beers. That was not the lesson I just learned. I bought a 6-pack of this last week, the first one I had was shaken up that day and had a lot of yeast still unsettled in it, and thus when I poured it into a glass (with a real careful pour) it appeared very hazy (see picture)...

(yeast in the glass, average taste)

I looked at all the beers in the fridge, that have been sitting there for a week, and still noticed lots of yeast suspended in the upper quarter of the bottle that would absolutely not settle to the bottom. It made me wonder what the hell was going on because when I look at the bottles at the store the liquid is super clear with all particles sitting on the bottom. So I took 1 bottle out last night and placed it in the house, just sitting at room temperature. This morning it still looked like there were particles suspended towards the top again so I just threw it back into the fridge. I went back and looked at it tonight and the beer was CLEAR. Everything had dropped to the bottom. VERY weird if you ask me, but the main thing is this beer without the yeast tastes LIGHT YEARS better than the first sample did with all that yeast in it. This one is so much more crisp, hoppy, juicy, fruity. It's wonderful. So the lesson is, by whatever means, make sure that yeast is on the bottom of the bottle in your IPA's before pouring!!!

(super clear, no yeast = super good)

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