Monday, November 17, 2008

Late Birthday Present

Pete the Greek "A-14" brought over a growler of Stone Smoked Porter with vanilla bean. Our favorite porter.

Pete enjoying some vanilla bean smoked porter. No he's not related to Petros Papadakis


Chipper Dave said...

That vanilla smoked porter sound wonderful. I wonder if they plan to ship that out of state, like to Colorado? I've had vanilla porters before that are absolutely wonderful like Breckenridge Vanilla Porter but never a smoked vanilla. I imagine it will taste similar to Alaskan Smoked Porter with a hint of vanilla aroma.

Steve said...

Dave I think Stone's smoked porter differs a lot from the Alaksan. The Alaskan seems to me MUCH more smokey, while the Stone seems pretty subdued to me... always has. But my mom tasted the Stone Smoked Porter yesterday and the very first thing she said was it tastes like the smoked meat we do. Anyway, the addition of the Vanilla into this Stone beer is just amazing to me, nothing really dominates but overall it's just a great flavor.

Steve said...

Oh yeah, PS- Stone mainly offers this at their brewery on rare occasion. It's usually only on for growler fills but I've seen it once on cask there too. The only other place it shows up are at a few different local pubs. I'm not sure they ever ship this to places out of state. If you do ever get wind of it coming to your area, I would definitely get there and drink a few pints.