Monday, November 24, 2008

San Diego Needs Its Own "Beer Week"

Philly started the revolution and San Francisco promptly followed with plans to host their own in February of 2009. Even Baltimore has fallen off the beer-week-wagon and has started to plan for one in the Fall of '09. After the great success that was the 2008 Craft Brewer's Conference hosted in San Diego, this great city shouldn't be far behind from naming its own beer week. I haven't heard any talk about this in the past, but maybe I'm just out of the loop. I think it's obvious that the people of San Diego would embrace this, but I also think this event would draw droves of beer enthusiasts from the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Lord knows us Angelenian's are semi-deprived of a great beer culture and would jump at the chance for any sort of assemblage of events like this that's less than a couple hours drive away.

Photo from Today's Local News

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Anonymous said...

The inaugural San Diego Beer Week, sponsored by the San Diego Brewers Guild, has been set for November 9-16, 2009. Look for more information to become available soon at or