Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Triple IPA Standoff

Pliny the Younger vs. Exponential Hoppiness

The two greatest hoppy beer producing breweries in the world- Alpine and Russian River- have now both released their triple IPA's in 2009. As of today Alpine has started filling growlers of Exponential Hoppiness. This is a beer I haven't had since early 2007, which was the only time I had it. At that point I was maybe only about 75% the hophead I am now, so it'll be interesting to revisit this beer and stack it up against the reining champion of triple IPA's- Russian River Pliny the Younger.

Russian River Pliny the Younger
ABV: 10.5-11%'ish
Dry hopped: 3x more than their regular IPA's.

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness
ABV: 10.75%'ish
IBU's: probably a lot
Dry hopped: Twice, with oak chips during the second.

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J.Rhode said...

Worked through a growler of Exponential last night with some help. Expo comes in at a hair over 11% abv this time. Didn't have the Younger side by side with it, but I am tempted to give the edge to Expo. Could be my Alpine bias at work though. Younger might be a tad drier. I liked the vanilla/oak character in the Expo more than I thought I would.