Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breakfast and Football (English)

Heading to Lucky Baldwin's to take in the 8am Manchester United vs. Everton match. Get a couple eggs and bangers and a few Plinys. That's the way to start a morning.

I saw my mate,
The other day,
He said to me he'd seen the white Pele,
So i asked,
Who is he?
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney

Will update with anything interesting beer-wise.

So, the game sucked balls. It was essentially Manchester United's second team playing without Ronaldo (Senior Greasy), Rooney, and Giggs. They still needed two extra 15 minute periods to end up scoreless and go into shootouts. That wasn't the worst part, that was fine, as it gave us more time to drink beer. However, in shootouts things unfolded very poorly for Man United after a good start with Everton's Tim Cahill's shot went over the crossbar. It went downhill from there as Manchester's next two shooters both missed their opportunities and Everton went through scoring on each of theirs.

The beer was fantastic though. Our roll call was:

Kevin: 4 Pliny the Elders

Spencer: 3 Old Viscosities

Me: Pliny the Elder, Craftsman Burley Barleywine (6 oz), Pliny the Elder, and Sam Adams Imperial Series Double Bock (6 oz).

(Pliny and two eggs and bangers, best way to start a morning)

(Old Viscosity, Craftsman Burley Barleywine, Sam Adams Double Bock)

After the game we headed out into Pasadena to complete our Quadrupel (with some Wham on the ipod... c'mon). The next stop was Whole Foods where we picked up some Pliny, Deschute's Buzzsaw Brown, and Hair of the Dog Blue Dot IPA (Spencer's favorite). We also got some cheese and Italian chorizo. The next stop as usual was Noah's Bagle's and then we finished it off with a BevMo Glendora stop to pick up some Green Flash IPA using a discount coupon.

(Chang beer- sponser of Everton, and Deschutes Buzzsaw Brown)


J.Rhode said...

Barleywine Fest?

Steve said...

Yeh. Hit the Barleywine/Strong Ale fest for the 2nd time in 3 days. The Pliny is super fresh. Other than that there wasn't a great deal of amazing stuff on. Younger will be on at one of the locations probably by mid-week.

J.Rhode said...

Did Berbatov and Ferdinand miss, or did HOWARD save? Sorry, gotta root for the Yank abroad. One of the best keepers in the world, in my opinion.

Steve said...

I like Yanks (not the new york yanks), and I hate journos