Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bruery Saison de Lente

It's really exciting to see some of our local breweries producing more Saison these days. Lost Abbey makes Carnivale, Ballast Point has made the Brother Levonian Saison (which I guess Port Brewing will do this year), Stone's Vertical Epic 07.07.07 was fairly saison-y, Firestone has their Lil' Opal and The Bruery makes Saison Rue and Saison de Lente. Saison Rue is fantastic so I had high expectations for Saison de Lente, which were surely fulfilled. Saisons are fairly hard to describe for me. Good ones have pretty much all their flavor derived just from the yeast, and finish dry. Saison de Lente meets both those critera, though the dryness is something that will develop even further when cellared due to the presence of the Brett.

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