Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exponential Happiness

Since my friends aren't around to partake in my growler of Alpine Exponential Hoppiness I decided to open it up for a family get-together. I poured glasses for myself, my sister, her boyfriend, my brother-in-law, my uncle and my dad. The reaction to this beer was just amazing.

My uncle: Drank his first mug in about 5 minutes and asked if it would be possible to have more. Of course you can have more! (as long as I can videotape whatever happens after you finish your second mug). He's a light beer drinker, but also appreciates a Firestone Double Barrel, or Firestone Pale Ale, or Stone Pale Ale, or Stone IPA, but he doesn't venture too much and he isn't a beer geek. Well, he loved Exponential Hoppiness.

My Aunt: My uncle insisted that my aunt taste this beer. We gave it to her and she wouldn't stop sniffing it. She was blown away by the smell. Amazed by the taste as well. She described it as having "a little bitterness." (she was right, this is not a hugely bitter beer)

My Dad: He's still working through his mug. I poured him a half mug at first to make sure he liked it and he did, so he insisted I get him a full mug.

My brother-in-law: He nurses his Corona's anyway, but he said he likes the flavor of it although the beer is pretty heavy. I agree, it is a viscous beer. It doesn't go down like Corona water. He still finished his glass without complaints

My sister: She loves hops but she decided to pour the last 1/3rd of her glass into mine. I'm not complaining.

My sister's boyfriend: I think he appreciates it. Though I poured my homebrewed Wit for him before it, and of course it's hard for any beer to stand up to my Wit.


BeerGuy said...

How did Vick not end up with the Victoria glass?

And whats with everyone dressed all winter-y, isn't it like 80 degrees out there?

Steve said...

been in the 60's the last few days, little bit of drizzle. I always give vick that lost abbey tumbler... don't know why

Rational Realist said...

Looks like you uncle proved why Expo is the most dangerous beer in America, or whatever Alpine bills it as. Great beer.

JessetheHutt said...

I brought a growler to share with my cousins in Vegas. After seventy two hours with no sleep and a diet of straight Jack Daniels, I think it actually sobered them up. Strange.