Thursday, April 2, 2009

Founders Harvest Ale, at the wrong time of the year

Who drinks harvest ales in April? The hop harvest is in the fall and this specific brew, Founders Harvest Ale, was released in October. Generally this would be a warning flag, or a flashing red X that would prevent me from moving on. But since the nice bloke who sent me this beer told me it was still drinking pretty well I still garnered high hopes for it. Upon pouring the first impression I get is "strange." It pours with massive carbonation and a head made of large carbonated bubbles. I swear it's the head you get on a macro lager- very airy, whatever the opposite of dense is, and wispy. Either that or it's similar to the massive head you get in an infected beer. And the thing is shooting carbonation streams up from the bottom of my glass (which almost never happens because my glasses are always squeaky clean). But this 3 fingers of pure foam (no not 3 fingers of Glenlivit with a little bit of pepper, and some cheese), shows no signs of receding 5 minutes after I pour it.

The smell is a little eccentric too. It's not bad, it's just different. There are hops there, but I can't really describe much past that so lets move on. The taste- very nice. This is a 6.5%'ish pale ale, and in the 6 months it's been sitting around it has retained its flavor very nicely. The body is super light. Not a whole lot of specialty malts in this, as you may have guessed from the color. Just some pale malt and hops probably, a good way in my opinion to showcase some fresh hops. It's a real nice citrusy, leafy sorta hop brew. Look, never in my life have I sat around and chewed on some leafy forage you find on the ground in the Fall, but this is what I imagine it to taste like. The brew finishes sweet overall... maybe it's a bit of DMS... yeah that might be it. The verdict is, 6 months after the supposed consumption, this is still a pretty good brew.

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