Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beer Roll Call Today (San Diego)

Posting from JRhode's garage, here's the tally for today... (for me)

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness (O'Brien's)
Hollister Extra Pale Ale (Nitro) (O'Brien's)
Avery Maheraja DIPAB (O'Brien's)
Dogfish Head Aprihop IPA (Toronado)
Lost Abbey Cable Car (Toronado)
Victory Prima Pils (Blind Lady)
Ballast Point Tongue Buckler Imperial Red (JRhode's garage)
Stone IRS 2001 (JRhode's garage)
Alaskan Arctic Devil Barleywine 2008 (JRhode's garage)

More to come.... Port Older Viscosity, Three Flodys Behemoth Barleywine, Russian River Consecration, Nogne-O something or other, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh yeah, and Otter Pops for adults.

1 comment:

Rational Realist said...

How can you type?

Tongue Buckler is awesome - had a taster yesterday and saving bomber until tomorrow. I hope that strange Aprihop did not ruin that $50 Cable Car.