Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dark Lord Day; A Day of Entertainment

You may have thought you were going to find a Dark Lord Day recap here. We'll I'm a couple thousand miles away and will not/did not attend today, but that doesn't mean I don't get some entertainment out of the whole deal. For a quick recap, Dark Lord Day (DLD) is a beer release, festival, and just an overall beer geek gathering as the masses make their pilgrimage to Munster, Indiana for the release of Three Floyds' Russian Imperial Stout named Dark Lord. The event draws thousands.

I've had a Dark Lord and that bottle would be my first and last. Not because I can't easily obtain it, but because I didn't think it was very good (and neither did the 3 other beer friends I split it with). But I still enjoy this day immensely! Why you ask? Later this afternoon there will be report after report posted by beer geeks on their blogs or on beer forums such as Beer Advocate's Great Lakes forum that will outline the thievery, complaints of long lines, cutting in line, dishonesty, and the dejection and anger from those who stood in line for hours and were turned away with nothing. Yes, you read it right- people have actually had their bottles jacked if they don't pay close attention to them after purchase. Maybe I'm a sick person but I really do find all this entertaining.

Granted, the festival/beer-sharing part of DLD sounds nice, but why would anyone want to stand in a line consisting of thousands of people, in the sun, for a case of beer??? To end on a positive note, the $15/bottle price tag seemed a lot more expensive a few years ago, but as the craft beer market has recently been flooded with special release beers, $15 for a Dark Lord doesn't sound like the rip off it did a few years ago (if you happen to like the beer).

Here's to everyone enjoying Dark Lord Day, in one way or another!

EDIT: Yep, more reports of thievery. Why would you leave your bottles unattended at an event like this? I mean, just because we all like beer doesn't mean there aren't assholes out there. Other than that, it sounds like Three Floyds was actually organized somewhat well this year, for the first time. This seems to be the first year that nobody has mentioned eBay, and, only 1 person reportedly arrested...

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Anonymous said...

Just got back from DLD, my first trip. Last year my friends stood in line for 5 hours and got nothing. This year was much better. We got there at 10 and the line moved fairly quickly. I had my allotment by 1:00 or so. The guest taps looked interesting, esp. the CBS- I had that on KBS day at Founders and have to say it was the best beer have had. That keg wasn't going to be tapped until 4 p.m., and there was another huge line to get into the pub part, so it wasn't worth the wait.