Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Founders Porter

Another brew from the great state of Michigan. I was certain that this beer would fare much better than Michigan State in the NCAA tournament championship, or the Michigan Wolverines in a Rose Bowl. And I was right (it doesn't take much). This porter is heavy on the roast. Smacks you in the face on your first whiff and doesn't let up... much. As close to a stout as the Russian River Porter, which I noticed an equally large amount of roasted barley in. If you like your porters more on the chocolatey, caramely side, then this brew won't be for you. If you like the roasted grain, almost coffee type presence that comes through in a stout, but backed off just slightly, then you'll love this beer. Breakfast stout and Kentucky Breakfast Stout are still the best beers I've had from them, easily.

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