Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stone's 12th Anniversary Celebration

The fest is coming up this Saturday and I've had a bottle of their 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout sitting in my fridge for like 3 weeks now. It pours a deep deep brownish black, and no head forms, although you can rouse a little bit up with some swirling. If your thing is bitter roasted barley and unsweetened dark chocolate then this is for you! It's not for me. I can drink my glass but the bitterness is just a bit overdone for my tastes. Believe me I like the most bitter of hoppy beers, but bitterness from roasted grains is something else. The oats give this a big time thick, oily feel.

Onto the festival on Saturday. Stone lets us know what breweries will be there but we really don't have an idea of what beers each brewery will have. With that in mind here are the booths I'm going to hit first, and hope that they will be serving these certain beers.

  1. Rubicon - hoping they have Hop Sauce.
  2. Valley - Uberhoppy IPA
  3. Papago - whatever they have
  4. Brew Dog - whatever they have, first time I've heard of them.
  5. Alesmith & Ballast Point - looking for any special beers
  6. Lightning - have only had 1 of their beers in the past.
  7. Port / Lost Abbey - you know they'll have something special on (like Funky Barrel last year)
Those are the ones at the top of the list. If I still have tickets left I'll have to see what the trendy new beer is at the fest (like Maui Coconut Porter last year).


Anonymous said...

I believe BREWDOG is a brew from Sweden(??. Stan @ Lone Hill was showing me the Paradox Imperial Stout aged in Glenn whiskey barrels...$11.50 a 12oz.They have a IPA too.

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

Yeh I think so.

They had a couple different offerings at The Perfect Pour here in Maryland available, but were expensive and I haven't done any HW on them to know what to try.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like their from Scotland not Sweden. I would look out for that Parodox batch 005 Speyside Glen Moray whiskey cask aged imperial stout.

Anonymous said...

1970 Glen Grant whiskey cask aged imperial stout...batch 005 has not been released yet.