Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mammoth Making Some Excellent Beers

I've now tried two beers from Mammoth Brewing Company in Mammoth Lakes, CA and they've both been excellent. Beers that I would want to have my glass refilled with multiple times. The first was Mammoth Double Nut Brown, the latest being Mammoth Floating Rock Hefeweizen thanks to my friend Rene who brought a bottle back on his trip to Mammoth. The taste on this is really balanced between wheat and spicy phenolics. Some banana is noticeable only if you really search for it. It is quite drinkable, as they would say. 4/5

Oh, and recently when I said I've hit the doldrums of beer drinking, well that corrected itself pretty fast with some of the great beer I've received in trades recently and the latest taste of my homebrewed batch of IPA... mmmmm mm.

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