Friday, August 29, 2008

21st Amendment IPA, From The Can

On the eve before the kickoff of USC's football season the beer of choice was 21st Amendment's Brew Free or Die IPA. This beer has just started to become available in stores around California, and while I was somewhat disappointed with their watermelon wheat when I tried it on tap a couple months ago, I figured I would still give this a shot.

It pours a light gold (darker in the picture d/t the flash) with that foamy, frothy cap that lasts and lasts. The beer smells sweet. Not sweet like sugar too much but like some sweet juicy hops. It tastes more resiny and bitter. The semi-sweet malt backing along with a decent fruitiness do all they can to take away from the hops on display. To be honest the overall flavor is underwhelming to me. Like I said, the hops give a somewhat resiny and bitter feeling but there does not seem to be a nice hop flavor, or overall flavor to this beer. Still, it's an IPA, it's a craft beer, and it's not bad. 3.7/5

Fight On and beat the cavaliers!!!

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