Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Parallel Blog Tasting #2 - Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

This is the 2nd parallel blog tasting conducted between myself and my friend the Baltimore Beer Guy. This time we take down another Dogfish Head Beer. If you missed it, the previous tasting was of Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron. Here we go with Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA....

SOB (6:45:48 PM): shall we knock out the 120?
SOB (6:45:57 PM): it's only 9:45 back there
BBG (6:45:58 PM): can either of us handle it
SOB (6:46:06 PM): I can handle maybe 3 oz
BBG (6:46:14 PM): what container does it need?>
SOB (6:46:24 PM): I think I'll go with the old Stone style brandy snifters
BBG (6:48:58 PM): gosh damn 21%
BBG (6:49:00 PM): thats amazing
BBG (6:49:11 PM): it ate the whole wheel of cheese
SOB (6:49:24 PM): it might be fun to see how stupid we get after a few ounces
BBG (6:49:29 PM): alright
BBG (6:49:30 PM): lemme go get it
BBG (6:50:11 PM): the sooner to get me to bed anyway
BBG (6:50:16 PM): if I want to get to B'More tomorrow
SOB (6:52:27 PM): LOL
SOB (6:52:34 PM): ok what is your bottle dated on the neck
BBG (6:52:54 PM): 07
SOB (6:53:00 PM): ok i'm gonna go grab my 07
BBG (6:53:04 PM): 5/10/07
SOB (6:53:35 PM): mine is 10/10/07
SOB (6:54:26 PM): liquid looks pretty clear in the bottle (unlike my '08)
SOB (6:54:29 PM): which is hazy as shit
BBG (6:54:45 PM): oh yeh I remember you saying that
SOB (6:55:41 PM): ok gonna uncap and pour now, probably a tad cold for it but I don't reckon I'll be drinkin this that fast as it is
SOB (6:56:11 PM): wow that smell while its still in the bottle is sweet
BBG (6:56:20 PM): stings the nostrils
BBG (6:56:21 PM): literally
SOB (6:56:24 PM): smells like shnapps or something
SOB (6:57:59 PM): OMG
SOB (6:58:01 PM): yowza
BBG (6:58:10 PM): that is one yellow head
SOB (6:58:49 PM): I didn't get much head
SOB (6:58:56 PM): some bubbles, white tho
BBG (6:58:57 PM): me either
BBG (6:59:04 PM): but what did appear was bright yellow and went fast
SOB (6:59:10 PM): man that smell reminds me of something i can't place
SOB (6:59:21 PM): maybe nail polish remover... yeah... that's it
BBG (6:59:32 PM): lol
BBG (6:59:38 PM): Mines more like root vegetable
SOB (6:59:41 PM): can't really detect hops i nthe aroma to be honest
BBG (6:59:42 PM): Earthy
BBG (6:59:54 PM): Me either
SOB (6:59:58 PM): actually it's like stingly alcohol but really fruity
SOB (7:00:15 PM): time to taste
SOB (7:00:28 PM): wow that is fruity sweet
SOB (7:00:35 PM): sticky
BBG (7:00:49 PM): fruity is a good word
BBG (7:00:51 PM): passion fruit
SOB (7:01:03 PM): the finish is really strange
SOB (7:01:07 PM): like sugary something
SOB (7:01:16 PM): like burnt marshmallows
SOB (7:01:23 PM): like when you set the mallow on fire
SOB (7:01:31 PM): and then you taste that carmelized burnt outside part
BBG (7:01:39 PM): lol
BBG (7:01:43 PM): not so much for me
BBG (7:01:47 PM): wait no
BBG (7:01:48 PM): actually
BBG (7:01:50 PM): yeah
BBG (7:01:51 PM): lol
BBG (7:01:53 PM): I can buy that
BBG (7:02:01 PM): interesting observation and dead on
BBG (7:03:29 PM): not getting much alcohol
BBG (7:03:32 PM): really interesting beer
SOB (7:03:42 PM): dad really liked his sip
BBG (7:03:46 PM): heh
SOB (7:03:49 PM): well i dont know about really liked, but liked
SOB (7:03:57 PM): alcohol seems to all be in the nose
BBG (7:04:02 PM): yeh theres some kind of fruit in there
SOB (7:04:41 PM): i hate to use the term for so many beers but maybe it's like an orange marmalade
SOB (7:04:55 PM): certain hops really give off that sorta sweet orange flavor
BBG (7:04:58 PM): eh
BBG (7:05:18 PM): dammit
BBG (7:05:21 PM): maybe you're right agian
BBG (7:05:26 PM): I think my brain is lagging
BBG (7:05:36 PM): and then when I put two and two together it makes sense
SOB (7:19:46 PM): Regardless of ABV content, this thing is so sweet i dont think I would want the other 9oz of the beer
BBG (7:20:25 PM): wow
BBG (7:20:29 PM): I can probably finish it
BBG (7:20:37 PM): my heads already starting to get the buzz tho

(after this we really got sidetracked with talk of Lightning Brewery, New Zealand beer chicks, downtown Baltimore and more specifically Brewer's Art, and beer dinners).

SOB (7:47:02 PM): B / 3.6 for 120 minute from me

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