Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hanssens Oude Gueuze

I can't get enough sour beers lately, and usually when talking about sours you hear Russian River... Cantillon... even Lindeman's. But do you ever hear about Hanssens? I don't think I would have any time soon if it weren't for a mention of it by Rick at Pacific Brew News on one of his archived podcasts. I've been seeking them out, with my first opportunity to try their Oude Kriek at the Stone Sour Fest, which in my small sample seemed like an excellent sour beer. This time I was able to get a bottle of their Oude Gueuze and had that with some salmon baked with lemon last night.

If you've had gueuze then you pretty much know how it tasted and don't need a description from me. It was quite sour but the one thing I think that made it different from a few other gueuzes I've had was that it didn't seem as intensely sour. It still had quite a bit of that earthy, old leather type smell and taste. Really good, although I do prefer kriek over gueuze.

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