Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brooklyn Seasonals- Oktoberfest and Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Oktoberfest - This is my first Oktoberfest beer of the season, sent to me from NY. I haven't had many American-made Oktoberfests. In fact the only three I've had were from Sam Adams, Craftsman, and BJ's. Brooklyn's version seemed quite different than any Oktoberfest I've had. Instead of being a pretty light, toasty, mildly sweet lager, this was more like a brown ale brewed with lager yeast. It's toasty, nutty, and has that chocolate malt finish. It's a good tasting beer, I just prefer others, namely Hacker-Pschorr's Oktoberfest.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale - Another style I have not really gotten to know. I've tried Buffalo Bill's version which you see everywhere, and I tried one at BJ's last year which was pretty good. This one has a good spiciness in the aroma. Clove is really the only one I can pick out for sure but the combo of cinnemon, nutmeg, and clove give that real classic sweet spicy aroma of pumpkin pie. The taste is a bit different. It starts out a little sweet and then fades into a dry spicy finish that is a bit akward. I'm wondering if that finish is really unavoidable in any pumpkin beer using these spices... I don't know. It's not too bad overall, but I am not really running to the fridge for another.

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theviceblog said...

If you haven't had it yet, Pumking is far an away the best pumpkin beer I've found.

Just found your blog and I'm enjoying it.