Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nostalgic Visit To Trader Joe's

The first beer store (using that term loosely) that I went to when I got into beer 5 years ago was Trader Joe's. I had heard that they let you make mixed 6-packs, so I went and bought a Trader Joe's Vienna Lager, North Coast Red Seal Ale, Spaten Optimator, and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Those were the good old days. I happend to be there today and took a quick glance at the beer isle. Their selection hasn't gotten much better, in fact it's probably a little worse, but I managed to put together a 6-pack of 5 beers I've never tried.

  • Trader Joe's Mission St. Pale Ale
  • Trader Joe's Mission St. IPA
  • Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' IPA
  • Full Sail IPA
  • North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner
The SD Booze Reviews crew has told me good things about that Trader Joe's Pale Ale, which is brewed by Firestone, and I believe won a medal at the GABF for American Pale Ale (under the name Mission St. Pale Ale). I was really surprised to see a Mission St. IPA sitting right next to it so I snatched up a couple of those. As for Hop Ottin' and Scrimshaw, I have passed on these beers for years now, and I don't know why. As for Full Sail, I've had a few beers from them and haven't enjoyed them at all, but I figured I may as well give their IPA a try just to round it out. Plus, the 6 pack was barely over $7. Good deal if they turn out to be fresh (the Mission St. beers are fresh as the bottling date on the bottle indicates, the other beers are more of a mystery).

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