Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Long Spring and Summer is Ahead

With USC football and basketball being done (the baseball program sucks now. That's like the Patriots or Lakers becoming one of the worst teams in the league) it's bound to be a long off season. I finished off the 2nd half of the USC vs. Michigan State nail biter today with a fresh Pliny the Elder. The guy at the beer store was right, Vinnie really did tweak the recipe recently and the bottles are coming out a lot better now (and more hazy). Must've been the change to the larger production facility up the road from their brewpub when they started bottling. This bottle was some great Pliny, much better than what I had many times during the Fall out of bottles (although still not as good as the freshest tasting Pliny on tap). For some reason, drinking Pliny during a USC game of any sorts never seems to work, so I won't be doing that anymore and I'll stick to my trusty Stone.

I feel like this whole blog is turning into just a bunch of pictures of Pliny. But it's so gorgeous isn't it? Like looking at Playboy girl, it just never gets old. It's not like this blog had much more to it than a bunch of pictures anyway.

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BeerGuy said...

She is ridiculous.

Mom read this much? Cause I know Lisa does :o). Altho I bet Lisa finds Playboy girl hot too, and there's definitely nothing wrong with that.