Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Wit!

Tonight I came home from a reaaallly long day and opened up my first bottle of the Witbier I brewed a month or so ago (named Graduation Wit). I formulated this recipe using navel orange zest, lemon zest, and coriander along with the base malts of Pilsner, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. I am absolutely ecstatic about how this beer came out. It's actually the first beer that I'm really really proud of and would drink all of it myself, and it tastes so close to commercial examples of the style. There doesn't seem to be a weird astringency in the taste that I found in all my other brews (except one IPA really liked before infection took over). Maybe it's a coincidence that this was my first all-grain batch too? Either way, I brewed this for my graduation party (for the people who didn't want my hoppy beers) and I think family and friends will really love this beer... I can't find a flaw in it, at least as far as taste goes. I think it could use a bit more time to carbonate (I opened this one up after only 2 1/2 weeks) to develop a more effervescent feel. I'm still really stoked about this. It's all-grain all the time from now on.


JessetheHutt said...

Congrats on the good batch and for finishing up the last shift. The boys just got back from O'Brien's New Belgium night. La Folie, Biere de Mars, Sanctification, Nelson cask and RR IPA. Good times. Perhaps you'll make it next weekend? We have a bunch of bottles that need drinking.

Steve said...

How was that NB Biere de Mars? I saw it recently on tap around here but wasn't able to try it. We were really this close to coming down to SD today but I need to do some taxes and other financial stuff and get those outta the way ASAP. Next weekend is a definite possibility (may just have to forgo the UCI/CSUF game).

If you guys go fill up Expo growlers this week I'm gonna need you to grab me one, and I'll reimburse and swap you an empty alpine growler when I get down there.

J.Rhode said...

I heading up to Alpine tomorrow, got you covered.