Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Irish Beer For Me, Thank You

Nope, not a Guinness, just a nice glass of 14 month old homebrewed Porter. Yeah, I just happened to have the day off today.

Good words to use instead of "drunk"
Pissy Eyed
Trolley Eyed
Steve McKenna'd

This bottle of Green Flash West Coast IPA right here is only significant because it may be the single best bottle of beer I've ever had. I've had like 4 beers already from this 6-pack but for some reason this one tasted so amazingly good, and I had to bump up it's score to a 5/5 on my BeerAdvocate scale. It was like a tropical fruit explosion. I don't know, maybe there's just some magic hidden in the Victoria Gastro Pub glass.

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