Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stone Serving San Diego

As you can see from the banner image that was borrowed from Stone's Website, this whole week they will be filling up all their taps with local products from San Diego. Featuring breweries like Alpine, Green Flash, Pizza Port, Lost Abbey, etc, there's sure to be one of the best tap lineups you'll ever find. This in honor of American Craft Beer week, which runs through the same dates.

I will be dragging my Dad down there on Thursday (along with a few other places in San Diego) so I will report the happenings later in the week.


BeerGuy said...

You and the old man are going to have a blast.

Has he been down to SD much? Be sure to get some fish tacos at Brigantine!

Steve said...

Well, as far as my lifetime goes he hasn't been to SD much. Last time I remember was a trip to the Del Mar track when I was in high school. I took the family to brunch at Stone this last August and he got their sampler which he liked and then a Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter. He is really amazed by the garden. I would normally make it an all day occasion when I have to go to Alpine, but we'll probably spend a few hours at most down there. Try and get into Alpine around noon and have some lunch, then hit Stone for a beer on the way back.