Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick San Diego Beer Run

It was my day off today and I talked my Dad into taking a little trip with my friend and I down into San Diego. We got down to Stone around 11am and grabbed some lunch. Since many people are intrigued by the food at Stone I will let you know I had the duck tacos (pictured below) which I always enjoy, my Dad had the spicy tuna hand rolls which he liked, and my friend had the Buffalo burger which is always a great treat. As for beer, it is "San Diego Storm" at Stone this for American Craft Beer Week and I started it off with a Ballast Point Brother Levonian Saison, a real light saison and 6% ABV. It was fantastic. Really light and drinkable with a mild earthiness to it to keep it interesting. A great way to start the morning. My friend Timmins went with Pizza Port Carlsbad Black Lie, a black IPA that he generally enjoyed. My dad put me in charge of ordering his so I got him a Coronado Lincoln Lager. After we finished ours we got a second round, myself going with a Green Flash Hop Head Red which simulated the smell of fresh hop pellets better than anything I've ever had. Timmins went with the Ballast Point Even Keel, a 4.6% pale ale. This was described to us as being a pale ale that slants itself more towards the bitter end. I think he liked it. I finished off with a growler fill of Ruination.

Also, for anyone wondering, the Stone gardens are looking flat out amazing right now (more than normal). The greenery has really filled out nicely, the trees grown a bit, and the bushes gotten bushier. It really looks great.

After Stone we kept heading south down to Alpine so I could fill my growlers. I got 1 each of Duet IPA, O'Brien's IPA, and Pure Hoppiness. I haven't had the O'Brien's IPA yet but have heard of it and am really excited to try this. I probably would have gotten 2 of each but Alpine didn't have any more glass until tomorrow, unfortunately. Timmins bought a bottle of Alpine Chez Monieux, a special Kriek they recently made. After our fills we headed up the street to the Liars Club and ordered a quick round of New Belgium La Folie- another beer I've been wanting to try for the longest time. La Folie was an excellent sour Flanders Red and we finished them somewhat fast and headed home.

It was a nice and quick trip but the climax should come when we open up those growlers on Sunday afternoon.


stagalicious said...

Man, this makes me jealous. I'm stuck in chilly Chicago with no access to these great west coast brews.

But, I did place an order with Joey @ South Bay and have a few Speedway's, Stone IRS, Adam and Lost Abbey's Inferno coming next week.

Steve, have you tried many midwest beers? I just picked up Flossmoor's X-IPA and it's something to behold. And I still have 5 Dark Lord's that need to get me to DLD '09!

Steve said...

I have tried a few midwest beers.. of note...

Dark Lord- Didn't like it at all
Breakfast Stout - Loved it
Alpha King - Loved
Gumballhead - Loved
New Glarus Wisc. Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart - Loved
Many of Bell's - generally like (especially Hopslam and Two Hearted)
Jolly Pumpkin - have had a handful and really like them (especially the Maracaibo Especial)
Surly Furious - Liked
Great Lake's Edmund Fitz and Commodore Perry IPA - both "ok" (I think the Edmund was past it's prime)

Those are some that I can remember. I've also got a Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Kuhnhenn Rasp Eisbock, 4th Dementia, Cassis, and some Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts laying around that I haven't gotten to.

Joey at South Bay is a great resource. I will probably have my Inferno in the next few days sometime. Let me know what you think about it as well!

BeerGuy said...

Your dad picked a winner with the hand rolls, soooooo good.

Those and the Mac & Beer Cheese are my favorites. The stir fry I had when I went with you and Timmins was pretty good as well.

stagalicious said...

I've been trying to land a Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock forever... but the New Glarus Rasp Tart is a mighty fine substitute.

Most everything Surly puts out is incredible. Darkness is currently my favorite beer.

The Goose Bourbons are amazing and I'm not usually one for a heavy bourbon bite. This year's KBS is much subdued than in the past, which is great IMO. I've also been enjoying GL's Blackout Stout and Bell's new Kalamazoo/Chicago line.

HopSlam and Two Hearted are two of my favorites as well.

I'm rudylaw on BA... would you post your username and we can keep in touch regarding tasting reviews over there as well.