Saturday, May 17, 2008

Couple Saisons On A Warm So. Cal Night

The temp has shot up quite a bit here in the last few days, reaching the high 90's in the last 2 days. That's expected for July/August, not so much May. But no worries, I had a few saisons in the fridge to quench some post-dinner thirst. I've been waiting entirely too long to get to either of them and after seeing USC beat Oregon State for the 2nd straight day and a couple Woodford Old Fashioneds, tonight was as good of choice as any. The first one up was Lost Abbey Carnevale a recent special release from the brewery that does pretty much nothing wrong. This beer smelled funky on the nose. Really sweaty and musty. The taste was completely subdued compared to that though. Very light, smooth (they use oats apparently), a bit earthy, a tiny fruity, and finishes somewhat dry. This was an absolute pleasure to drink, split 3 ways, everyone loved it. I now wish I had picked up more than 1 bottle. As far as my BA rating goes- 4.8/5

Next up was a bottle of Saison Dupont that's been hiding in my fridge for way too long. Pours a very chill hazed golden, but as it warms to close to room temp it clears up nicely. The head is massive and rocky. The taste has a bit more zing to it. It's still earthy like you would think a saison would be but then it's got this bite to it at the end. That softens up a bit as it warms, along with the chill haze that recedes. The smell is similar with a bit of banana to it if you search. This beer is pretty tasty as well, though I really like the softness and drinkability of the Carnevale more. Still, Saison Dupont isn't something I would shy away from in the future, and sure am looking forward to getting another one that is as fresh as possible. This one gets a 4.05/5

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