Monday, May 12, 2008

My Favorite Beer Ever, Revisited

So last August when my buddy and I were visiting Russian River for the first time I experienced a beer that I kept going back to more often than the others as we visited that week (we stayed about 3 days and would go for lunch for a few beers, then go to the hotel for a quick restorative nap, then go back to the pub at night for more beers). The beer was Russian River Sanctification. It was the first beer that I thought was a perfect 5 (BeerAdvocate-wise). I bought 2 bottles to take home and have been waiting for my 3rd and toughest year of pharmacy school to end before celebrating with it. Tonight was that night.

I wasn't actually sure I wanted to open one tonight as I had already had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and then a Kuhnhenn IPA, Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA (both of which I pretty much tossed as they were not good at all), and then a Port Brewing 2nd Anniversary IPA (which was a little better). So at this point I needed to bring something out that was sure to not disappoint. And it didn't. Still deserves a straight 5 in my book.
This was the latest batch, 003, if anyone is wondering. I wish they brewed this more often because I'd probably buy a few cases of it.


stagalicious said...

Duuuude... Crooked Tree IPA is the shee. Give that another whirl.

Steve said...

Yeah I will trust you on that one right now, but I think the bottle had too much age on it. There's no way for me to tell. I know Dark Horse makes some mighty fine beers.