Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Winner From Brooklyn

A couple days ago Brooklyn's Brown Ale was a nice treat, even for being past its "best by" date. The Brooklyn East India Pale Ale I had was still within its recommended freshness interval. East India is a marriage of English (Kent Golding and Northdown) and American hops (Amarillo, Centennial), with English pale malt, weighing in at 6.8% alcohol. It pours a crystal clear rich gold with the slightest orange tint. Beautiful. The smell makes me think this is going to be an English IPA all the way through (not so excited). It's mostly earthy and sweet when I first smell it. After a bit more searching it becomes a little citrusy too. The taste really displays its hops from both sides of the pond. The English hops give it an earthy, spicy flavor while the American hops lend a citrusy, juicy finish to it. It really is a nicely done IPA with moderate bitterness. After having a couple of Brooklyn's regular offerings I'm really looking forward to crack open the Brooklyn Local 1's I have been holding onto. 4.35/5

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