Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alpine Is My New Champion of IPA's

It's a very close race between Alpine and Russian River as to who makes the best IPA's. Russian River IPA vs. Alpine O'Brien's IPA- advantage O'Brien's. Russian River Blind Pig vs. Alpine Duet- advantage Blind Pig. Russian River Pliny the Elder vs. Alpine Pure Hoppiness- advantage Pure Hoppiness. (and as long as we're comparing, how bout triple IPA's, RR Pliny the Younger vs. Alpine Exponential Hoppiness- advantage Pliny the Younger). It's almost a dead heat here but the main point is it's a shame only a small amount of people can get Alpine's beers. They are one of the premiere breweries in the country.

Alpine O'Brien's IPA

Alpine Duet IPA

Alpine Pure Hoppiness

I think we would have made it through all the growlers tonight but we got sidetracked and....

...started taking shots of Goldschlager... (yep Mom joined in for this activity)

...Appleton Estate 12 year on the rocks... (along with Woodford Old Fashioneds)

...and Capri Suns.

Well, it still leaves some Ruination and Port 2nd Anniv. to get to next weekend. Nothing bad about that. A good night overall. And now we're gonna take a nice soak in the spa and sip on some Maui CoCoNut Porter.


BeerGuy said...

Could Pat be any more red in the face?

Steve said...

yeh, and he only had like one beer. I think he was golfing this weekend.