Saturday, August 25, 2007

Founders Black Rye

I went out to a liquor store (that I've talked about many times) by home here that miraculously carries Founders Black Rye and Founders Red Rye, after listening to the guys at Craft Beer Radio give high marks to the Black Rye. Founders Black Rye is a "dry hopped dark ale made with rye" at 6.8% ABV and 64 IBU's released in the winter. The beer is dark brown, just barely able to see through when held against light. It looks like a porter, and for that matter smells and tastes a lot like a porter. Roasted and chocolate malt form the first rush while the taste fizzles out with some roasted bitterness that turns into chocolate in the aftertaste. This bottle might be a bit old so the hop character could be diminished, but I still can pick up a bit of floral or perfumey hops that are hiding way behind the scenes. I'm actually still not sure what rye is suppose to taste like in beers. I've had a Juniper Rye, which tasted completely of juniper berries. I've had the Terrapin Rye, in which I didn't detect anything out of the ordinary. The only beer I think I've been able to notice something different from the rye (though I can't explain what it is) is the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye. I'll keep searching for that elusive rye character, but for now this Founders Black Rye is a nice dark porter style beer. I gave it a 3.9 on BA.

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